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Minors on Campus: Reporting Policy

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • (Approved by the Chancellor, December 16, 2013)
  • (Effective, December 16, 2013)


The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is committed to the safety of all individuals in its community. The University has a heightened concern for children, who are particularly vulnerable. To promote children’s safety, this policy provides reporting guidelines for those in the University community who may work or interact with individuals under age 18. This policy goes beyond the reporting obligation of North Carolina General Statutes §§ 7B-101 and 7B-301, which generally only require individuals to report abuse of children under age 18 when the suspected abuse is perpetrated by a parent, guardian, custodian, or caretaker.


This policy applies to University students, faculty, staff, and volunteers and their work as agents of the University in University-run or -affiliated programs or activities that involve minors. It also applies to activities in University buildings.


  1. Abuse: Includes serious endangerment of a child's physical or mental health due to injury by act or omission, including acts of sexual abuse.
  2. Minor: Includes any non-UNCG individual under the age of 18; does not include UNCG students who are under the age of 18.
  3. UNCG individual: University student, faculty, staff, or volunteer in University-run or -affiliated programs or activities.

Policy statement

Any UNCG individual having a reasonable belief that a minor has been subjected to assault, abuse, or neglect shall immediately make a report to the University Police by calling 336-334-4444 (emergency) or 336-334-5963 (non-emergency). This reporting obligation extends to abuse believed to occur during or observed in connection with activities that take place on the University campus, on property owned or leased by the University, or while members of the faculty, staff, or student body are participating in a University-offered or University-sponsored activity off campus.

Policy Owner

Office of the Chancellor


This policy will be reviewed at least every two years.

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