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Oversight for UNCG External Online Presence

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • (formerly University World Wide Web Site/WWW, and Oversight for UNCG Web Presence)
  • (Approved by the Chancellor, December 24, 1996)
  • (Revised August 30, 1999)
  • (Revised January 24, 2005)
  • (Revised March 21, 2011)


The Internet has become an essential part of how UNCG operates in at least three major areas: instruction and research; student and administrative services; and relations with the public. UNCG relies on the Internet to deliver information and applications via several channels, including the Web, Social Media outlets (such as Facebook and Twitter), Mobile Applications, and others. Since the Internet can be used to deliver content for inward-facing use (e.g., internal business applications) as well as content for outward-facing use, this document uses the word "online" to designate the external usage covered by the scope of this document. Oversight for internal use Internet-delivered data is governed by other committees.

The University's online presence promotes the University's image with current and potential students, alumni, supporters, and the public. University information and applications delivered online are equivalent to a University publication and are expected to meet appropriate standards for graphic presentation and information content. Recognizing that the publishing format is different from that of other publications, online systems are also expected to meet appropriate technical standards. For the University Web site (, the Division of University Advancement is responsible for graphic and content standards, while the Division of Information Technology Services is responsible for technical standards and operation.


UNCG's external online presence should be managed as part of an integrated, campus-wide approach to meeting needs in all areas that use the Internet.


Guidance for the management of UNCG's online presence comes from the Internet Oversight Committee named by the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services, with advice from the Provost and other Vice Chancellors. The Internet Oversight Committee includes representatives from each major part of the University. Its duties include:

  1. Approving the standards for appearance and content of the University online presence, including accessibility, that must be met by each University Unit/Department with an online presence.
  2. Advising the Administrative Systems Committee and Chancellor's Executive Staff on issues related to the University online presence and proposing any policies and procedures that should be considered relating to the University online presence.
  3. Providing oversight for procedures employed by University Relations governing the University Website (Top-tier Unit) to ensure that Unit Web Site Requirements guidelines and standards are met and that content is current.
  4. Maintaining a list of individuals responsible for University Unit online content and receiving an annual statement of assurance from the representative that all Unit online content has been reviewed and is current and compliant.
  5. Providing guidance and standards, including accessibility, for University staff on appropriate use of online technologies, including social media outlets and mobile web page and application development.
  6. Working with the Administrative Information Security Committee as needed to address issues dealing with the use or collection of University data via online services or applications.
  7. Helping to promote the University online presence to campus and external constituencies, as appropriate.
  8. Monitoring national and international internet issues and new capabilities and services that may be of interest and benefit to the University online presence and proposing implementation in the UNCG external online presence as appropriate.

It continues to be the desire of the University that information provided via the Internet is accurate and consistent and that those who present University information do so freely and openly within the constraints of University policies and State and federal laws, including copyright laws.


Information Technology Services will operate UNCG's external online environment and will enforce technical standards. University Advancement will enforce graphic and content standards. The Internet Oversight Committee will assist in explaining the oversight process.


The Chancellor has approved this policy. Information Technology Services will periodically review this policy and make recommendations for revisions if needed.

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