Policy Pipeline

Title Action Stage Unit(s) Responsible Administrator(s) Comments
Information Security Revision Drafting and Revision ITS, Chief Information Security Officer Casey Forrest

The Information Security Policy addresses the people, processes and technologies that work to protect information assets at UNCG. A primary goal of this Policy is to address the structures in place to ensure the 3 principles of Information Security, which are the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data owned by, or in care of, the University. Last reviewed in 2012, this revision requests a formalized review of the policy as-is; no substantive changes are initially proposed unless uncovered in the review process.

Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Revision Drafting and Revision ITS, Chief Information Security Officer Casey Forrest

The Acceptable Use Policy addresses appropriate use of the technologies that store, transmit and process data in the care of the University. Last reviewed in 2015, this revision is a equest for formal review of the policy as-is with no anticipated substantive changes unless determined within the review process.

Digital Communications New Policy Policy Advisory Group Review University Communications Jeff Shafer

The Digital Communications Policy will establish the authority of the Web and Mobile Operational (WAMO) Committee as the governing body for digital communications and clarify the Committee’s roles and responsibilities.

Sexual and Gender- Based Harassment, Sex Discrimination, and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence (RESCINDED)
Press Policy Revision Drafting and Revision University Communications Jeff Shafer

Summary: This policy sets for the University’s policy for working with the news media.

Minors on Campus: Reporting Policy Revision Policy Advisory Group Review University Compliance, Campus Police Julia Jackson-Newsom, Paul Lester

Summary: This policy provides reporting guidelines for those in the University community who may work or interact with individuals under age 18. This policy goes beyond the reporting obligation of North Carolina General Statutes §§ 7B-101 and 7B-301, which generally only require individuals to report abuse of children under age 18 when the suspected abuse is perpetrated by a parent, guardian, custodian, or caretaker.

Access to and Retention of Research Data Revision Drafting and Revision Research and Engagement Terri L. Shelton

Summary: This policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of investigators and the institution in the use, retention, and maintenance of data produced as a result of the research enterprise of the university.