Policy Pipeline

Title Action Stage Unit(s) Responsible Administrator(s) Comments
Legal Hold Revision Policy Advisory Group Review Office Institutional Integrity and General Counsel, ITS, Chief Information Security Officer Jerry Blakemore, Casey Forrest

Summary:  Timely review as required by Policy on Policies; it requires non-substantive revisions to address changes in University Systems.

Accommodations at University Events Revision Drafting and Revision Accessibility Resources and Services, UNCG Human Resources, Office Institutional Integrity and General Counsel Walter Rogers, Jeanne Madorin, Jerry Blakemore

Summary: Timely review required by Policy on Policies

Guide Animals, Trained Assistance Animals, Emotional Support Animals, and Pet Animals on Campus Grounds and in Campus Facilities Revision Drafting and Revision Student Affairs Cathy Akens

Summary: Timely review as required by Policy on Policies.

Policy on University Background Checks Revision Drafting and Revision UNCG Human Resources, Academic Administrative Services Jeanne Madorin, J. Alan Boyette

Summary:  Timely review as required by Policy on Policies.

Information Technology Procurement New Policy Policy Administrator Review ITS, Chief Information Security Officer Casey Forrest

Summary: establishes central authority for technology inventory management standards and procedures (hardware devices and application software) as a component of the implemention of comprehensive IT governance.

Data Classification Revision Drafting and Revision ITS, Chief Information Security Officer Casey Forrest

Summary: This policy has not been reviewed formally since 2010 and best practice suggests an annual review.

Data Governance and Data Integrity New Policy Drafting and Revision Assessment, Accreditation, Academic Program Planning, ITS, Chief Information Security Officer Jodi Pettazzoni, Casey Forrest

Summary: Data Governance involves making strategic decisions regarding the University’s data and information assets. This policy defines how Data Governance will be practiced at the university and identifies the various bodies and their associated roles and responsibilities. The creation of these governance bodies creates a central organization to oversee enterprise-wide data management activities in both the IT and business sides of the institution, which will reduce risk by enforcing conformity in access, use, and understanding of our data and information assets.

Access to and Retention of Research Data Revision Drafting and Revision Research and Engagement Terri L. Shelton

Summary: This policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of investigators and the institution in the use, retention, and maintenance of data produced as a result of the research enterprise of the university.

Minors on Campus: Reporting Policy Revision Drafting and Revision University Compliance, Campus Police , Eric Boyce

Summary: This policy provides reporting guidelines for those in the University community who may work or interact with individuals under age 18. This policy goes beyond the reporting obligation of North Carolina General Statutes §§ 7B-101 and 7B-301, which generally only require individuals to report abuse of children under age 18 when the suspected abuse is perpetrated by a parent, guardian, custodian, or caretaker.