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Advertising on Campus and in Campus Materials

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • (Approved by Chancellor Sullivan, May 18, 1999)

Recognizing that the alumni, faculty, staff, and students of the University constitute groups attractive to vendors of all sorts, it is in the University's interest to regulate how commercial entities may advertise or place sponsorship announcements in University publications and materials, within its facilities, on its telecommunications resources (web pages, computers, telephone-related systems, campus radio station), through the postal system, on the campus, and in other ways designed to reach the University family. This policy does not pertain to merchandising on campus or fundraising activities of student organizations. Refer to University policy VI:S:002, Merchandising Policy Guidelines. Both permanent and event signage policies are covered in University policy II:C:016 Policy on Event/Announcement Signage.This policy does not apply to advertising in The Carolinian, the University student newspaper. It does apply to all other publications/printed materials.

Advertising Policy

  1. Advertising for commercial purposes by businesses, organizations, entities or individuals not associated with the University is prohibited. Products or services may be offered to faculty, staff, and students in designated locations when sponsored by a department or organization following guidelines established by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  2. Sponsorship announcements that meet IRS guidelines and are exempted from unrelated business income tax assessment may be used as further defined in this policy. Sponsorship announcements are generally those where a payment is made to a tax-exempt organization with no expectation of substantial return benefit other than the use or acknowledgment of the donor's name, logo or product lines in connection with the activities of the tax-exempt organization, i.e., the University. The University Counsel will issue guidelines for use by University faculty, staff, and students to determine when a message constitutes advertising versus sponsorship.
  3. Promotion for the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages or of tobacco-related products on campus or in University publications is prohibited. Manufacturers and distributors of such products may sponsor announcements that do not promote these products but encourage moderation and responsible use.
  4. No activity may be undertaken that places the University in competition with private enterprise as defined by the provisions of the Umstead Act.

Distribution of Fliers/Announcements

  1. Advertising fliers and other commercial information may not be distributed in classrooms unless it is directly related to the educational nature and purpose of the class.
  2. Fliers may not be placed on windshields of vehicles parked on University-owned or leased property or in any University parking lot.
  3. Distribution of literature within residence halls is subject to guidelines issued by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  4. Distribution of literature through the campus student mailbox system is subject to guidelines issued by the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs. Fliers and advertising, except for campus-related services and activities, may not be distributed through the University mail system.
  5. Advertising may not be posted on University bulletin boards unless approved by the University organization or office responsible for that bulletin board.


  1. Sponsorship announcements may be solicited and placed in programs, publications, newsletters, and other printed materials when the purpose of such announcements is to defray the cost of producing the material and/or supporting the related program. Examples of such programs include theater, music, and athletic programs.
  2. Advertising is acceptable in publications that are prepared by a commercial vendor and made available at no charge to the University for its faculty, staff, and students under sponsorship of a University agency or organization. An example of such a publication is the University telephone directory.

University Home Pages/WWW

The University's WWW presence is administered by a Web Policy Committee under a separate policy. General questions about Web administration should be directed to the Co-Chairs of the Web Policy Committee.

  1. Sponsorship announcements may be placed on University web pages provided they are accomplished in a tasteful manner and do not comprise more than ten percent of the area of any single screen. For these purposes, a University web page includes the Home Page, pages developed by academic units, including College/Schools, departments, centers, and institutes and academic offices, and administrative units. This policy does not apply to individual's web pages that are personal in nature, however, other policies relating to use of state facilities and equipment for personal gain do apply.
  2. Announcements may contain links to other web pages that provide additional information about the sponsor or the sponsor's products or services.
  3. Sponsorship announcement placements, sponsors, and financial arrangements for such announcements are to be approved by the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement or designees with such approvals made in consultation with the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs and the University Counsel as appropriate.
  4. Approval of links to web pages of commercial entities and organizations does not convey or imply approval to use University marks, logos, or other images without specific permission.
  5. University computers and/or web pages may not be used for personal advertising or information that will result in personal gain. Individuals may not place advertisements or sponsorship announcements on personal web pages. For additional information on policies concerning use of University computers by faculty, staff, and students, see these policies: Computer Use by Students (II:P:017) and Computer Use by Faculty (II:P:018).


  1. Income received from sponsors for announcements or advertisements, where permitted, should be used to defray the costs of the item/program in which the announcement or advertisement appears or for the activities of the department or organization concerned.
  2. The amount of payment shall be determined in advance and may not be based on a volume of sales of any merchandise or other services resulting from the placement. When an agent is used to place announcements/advertisements, royalties/income may be determined on a percentage basis.


  1. This policy is administered by an oversight committee appointed by the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement that will include representatives from University Relations, Business Affairs, Student Affairs, and Academic Affairs.
  2. Exceptions to this policy may be requested in writing, summarizing the program desired and the reason for the exception. Such requests will be directed to the committee which will consult with the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement as appropriate.

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