The purpose of this policy is to help protect students, faculty, staff, and visitors as well as property at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

This policy is in place to ensure that people requesting access to university facilities are authorized to receive it; to ensure a process of accountability for cancellation of access; and to resolve problems resulting from a lack of access control. Individuals receiving access to university facilities shall be cognizant of the potential safety and loss of property situations that might occur as a result of misuse or loss of keys and electronic cards. Therefore, individuals and departments are accountable for prompt reporting of access concerns.

The policy is applicable to current and future University facilities under the operational jurisdiction of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Police Department.


This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, and others who utilize UNCG buildings and facilities. Adherence to this policy is necessary to help protect the safety and security of the UNCG community and of UNCG property.


The University of North Carolina at Greensboro strives to provide a safe campus environment. Monitoring and controlling access to campus facilities is an essential element of our campus security program. UNCG provides access to campus facilities during standard hours of operations to students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Access to campus facilities during non-standard hours of operations is provided to individuals based on the requirements of their role and responsibilities on the campus.

Mechanical keys and electronic access cards to exterior doors of campus facilities are issued to faculty and staff when deemed appropriate by the employee’s supervisor.

In buildings with an electronic card access system on at least one exterior door, mechanical keys for exterior doors will not be issued to faculty and staff (other than Campus Police, ITS, and Facilities staff).

Anyone granted access is responsible for:

  • Any Access Control Key(s) issued,
  • Reporting loss or theft of Access Control Keys to their Department Access Coordinator, the ID Center and to the University Police Department within 24 hours of discovery of theft or loss, and
  • Faculty and Staff must return to their Department Access Coordinator, upon separation from their department, all Access Control Keys issued. Students with extraordinary access must return all Access Control Keys upon graduation or separation from the University. Individuals may be liable for theft or rekeying of Departmental locks if keys are not returned.

Any person who uses credentials (keys, cards, and all other forms of access control) to enter University premises without issuance and authorization from the credential’s managing body, is punishable under North Carolina law (G.S. § 14 54).


Access Control on the UNCG campus is divided into two (2) categories: mechanical key systems and card access control systems.

A. MECHANICAL KEY SYSTEM – Any mechanical device used to operate a mechanically controlled mechanism for entry/exit to a controlled area.

B. CARD ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM – A high-capacity computerized card access control system that provides entry/exit to a controlled area. The system provides automatic locking and unlocking of specific doors or groups of doors at prearranged times during the day.

C. ACCESS CONTROL – Control of entry/exit to an area by any means (mechanical or electronic).

D. ACCESS CONTROL MANAGEMENT (ELECTRONIC) – Control of the Campus Card Access System; the management of electronic access assignment, rights, and schedules.

E. ACCESS CONTROL MANAGEMENT (MECHANICAL) – Control of mechanical and key-based access systems; the management of mechanical access assignment and terms.

F. DEPARTMENT ACCESS COORDINATOR – The designated full-time staff person, appointed by a Department Head, to be responsible for the adherence and implementation of this policy.

G. ACCESS CONTROL KEY – Any device used to gain entry/exit to a controlled system (normally a mechanical key or a SpartanCard).

H. CAMPUS CARD ACCESS SYSTEM (CAS) – A high-capacity computerized card access control system operated by the SpartanCard Center serving a number of campus departments.

I. CARD ACCESS CONTROL – Access control using electronic or electromechanical devices.

J. ACCESS CARD (UNIVERSITY ID) – The University ID credential as provided by the ID card office; the SpartanCard.

K. KEY – Any mechanical device used to operate a mechanically controlled mechanism for entry/exit to a controlled area. Includes Intellikeys.

L. KEY CONTROL MANAGER – Individual in Facilities Operations and Housing and Residence Life who manages the keying system; the University Locksmith.

M. KEY CONTROL FILE – Records maintained by the Key Control Manager as determined by Facilities and University Policies.

N. STANDARD HOURS OF OPERATIONS – See occupancy schedule for academic buildings – http://facoperations.uncg.edu/UNCG_Standards_of_Comfort.pdf


All Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, and Administrative Officers are responsible for the full implementation of this policy within their respective areas. All records are subject to audit by the Police Department.

Individual Departments are financially responsible for the consequences of violations of this policy by their employees. In addition, Departments may choose to collect security deposits for keys when needed.

Anyone violating this policy is also subject to administrative disciplinary actions from the University, as administered by the individual department.


A. The SpartanCard Center is responsible for Access Control Management for the Blackboard Access Control System (Electronic), Card Access Control, and will issue all Access Cards for the CAS.

B. Facilities Operations Lock Shop is responsible for Access Control Management for the Millennium Access Control System and, with Key Control Managers, will issue all Mechanical keys and maintain Key Control Files.

C. Department Access Coordinators are responsible for access control requests (Electronic and Mechanical) at a departmental level.


Responsible Administrator: Chief of Police – (336) 334-5963
Responsible Administrator: Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities (336) 334-3496


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