The service and consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly regulated by law. All persons coming onto the campus of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro are charged with compliance with these laws. Noncompliance may subject the University to legal liability. In order to ensure against violations of the law, the possession, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus is subject to the policies and procedures described below.


The Chancellor has delegated responsibility for regulation of the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages by students, student organizations, student activities and in residence halls to the Office of Student Affairs.[1] This policy applies to all other persons and entities.

3.Event Sponsor Required

No one may represent that the University (or any of its subsidiary departments and offices) is the sponsor of an event at which alcoholic beverages are served without express written permission from the Chancellor or designee. The Chancellor has delegated responsibility for review and approval of authorization to serve alcoholic beverages to the University Counsel.

4.Event Supervisor Required

The sponsor must designate an individual who is at least twenty-one years of age to assume responsibility on behalf of the sponsor for direct supervision of the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages throughout the event. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Policies and Procedures For the Use of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus and all pertinent state and local laws governing possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The supervisor also is responsible for executing and submitting to the University Counsel a Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic Beverages and Agreement, on behalf of the sponsor, at least five (5) working days prior to the event. Approval will be granted only if the University Counsel is satisfied that the requirements of this policy and the law have been met. The Sponsor is ultimately responsible for any failure of its designated supervisor to ensure compliance with the Policies and Procedures for the Use of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus or with state and local laws and must agree to indemnify the University for any losses resulting from noncompliance.

5.ABC Permits

The sponsor must obtain (or ensure that its caterer obtains) the applicable ABC permits under Chapter 18B of the North Carolina General Statutes and must submit a copy of such permits to the University Counsel at least one business day prior to the event.

6.Places where alcohol may be served – Request for waiver

Serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus may be permitted in most areas of the campus. However, permission normally will NOT be granted for the following areas:

  • Athletic Facilities
  • Residence Halls
  • Off-Campus University Property such as Piney Lake
  • Foyer or lobby areas that serve as primary access into and out of a facility.

Requests to serve alcoholic beverages in other locations that may impede access to fire exits, or which may disrupt University operations, or which would prevent proper control of access to the event will not be granted.

Anyone seeking to serve alcohol on campus is required to submit the Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic Beverages and Agreement to the Office of the University Counsel for review and approval. If the request is for one of the above locations, a request for a waiver must accompany the Request Form. The request must be in writing and must detail the reasons why none of the approved locations are suitable. The request must also detail the procedures and safeguards that will be implemented to ensure that University operations are not disrupted and that minors will not be served alcoholic beverages. The decision to grant or deny the request is at the complete discretion of the University Counsel. Academic departments are required to get the Dean’s approval before seeking a waiver from the University Counsel.

7.Sale of Alcohol

  • The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at any event on campus (except as permitted under N.C. Gen. Stat. [[section]] 18B – 1002, and 1006(a)).[2] “Sale” means any transfer, trade, exchange, or barter, in any manner or by any means, for consideration, including, but not limited to, required fees or the purchase of tickets for admission to an event at which alcoholic beverages will be served. Donations may not be required or solicited in connection with the event.[3].
  • Under N.C. Gen. Stat 18B-1006(a) wine and beer may be sold at campus facilities designated as performing arts centers where the seating capacity does not exceed 2000 persons.  Aycock Auditorium, the prefunction area of the Elliott University Center Auditorium, the School of Music Recital Hall, Taylor Theatre, the Dance Theatre, Cone Ballroom in the Elliott University Center, and the Weatherspoon Art Museum are the only facilities at UNCG which have been designated by the Chancellor and Executive Staff as performing arts centers for the purposes of this statute and which have seating capacities not exceeding 2000.  In order to sell alcohol at these facilities, a permit must be obtained from the N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and that permit must be attached to the Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic Beverages and Agreement at the time the request is submitted to the Office of the University Counsel for approval.


8.1Service of alcohol to minors prohibited

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is limited to persons twenty-one years of age or older. No one under the age of twenty-one will be served alcoholic beverages.

8.2Food and nonalcoholic beverages must be made available

Alternate nonalcoholic beverages and food must also be provided at any event at which alcoholic beverages are served.

8.3Attendance limited to invited guests

Events at which alcoholic beverages are served will be closed to all persons not specifically invited.

8.4Alcohol must remain in designated space

Alcoholic beverages may not be carried or consumed outside rooms or areas designated for an approved event.

8.5Intoxicated persons may not be served

Intoxicated persons will not be served or permitted to consume alcoholic beverages on the premises.

8.6Time of service limited

Alcoholic beverage service will be limited to a total of not more than two hours.

8.7Additional precautions may be required

The University reserves the right to require additional precautions such as the use of trained persons to dispense alcoholic beverages and greater limitations on time of service.

8.8Use of state funds prohibited

State funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

8.9Permission of facility director required

The approval granted under this policy will be in addition to any other approval or notice procedures required by supervisors of University facilities. Persons wishing to use a facility should consult with the director of such facility for additional instructions prior to submitting a Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic Beverages and Agreement to the University Counsel.

9.Related information


  1. See the Student Alcohol Policy published annually in the Policies for Students handbook.
  2. The General Assembly has permitted the University’s Alumni Association to sell alcohol at events on campus with a special occasions permit.
  3. As noted in footnote 2, the Alumni Association may hold fund raising events at which alcoholic beverages are sold, if the necessary ABC permits are obtained.


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