The Electronic Records Retention Policy, approved in 1998, and last revised in 2005 articulated the distinctions necessary for managing electronic records “alongside traditional records to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and to preserve institutional history.” Its purpose was to inform University employees and departmental management of the requirements and responsibilities for management and disposition of electronic records. In 2024, UNC Greensboro determined that it was more appropriate to adopt a policy that did not explicitly distinguish between formats with regard to the retention of records. Therefore, this policy was rescinded and replaced with the Records Retention Policy published in this manual.


Revision Date Revision Summary
03/10/2023 Updated to add cross references and additional resources
05/13/2024 Policy Rescinded and Replaced with Records Retention Policy

- Electronic Records Retention Policy (rescinded). Retrieved 06/24/2024. Official version at https://policy.uncg.edu/university_policies/electronic-records-retention-policy/. Copyright © 2024 The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.