UNCG enterprise systems will be operated and maintained by Information Technology Services, with servers in one or more designated machine room(s) that are fully compliant with the state auditor’s IS audit standards. Centrally locating these systems and utilizing appropriate technologies will provide for enhanced data and network security and reliability, and enable the University to realize cost advantages from economies of scale. An enterprise system is defined as an application that requires hosting by an application server and meets any of these additional criteria:

  1. requires a system administrator
  2. is designated as enterprise level by the vendor
  3. provides functional support to more than one department
  4. is accessed by faculty/staff of more than one department
  5. is accessed by students
  6. supports functions that are considered “mission-critical”, i.e., the functions carried out by the application are critical to the successful accomplishment of the University’s mission.

By hosting these applications on centrally located servers, the University not only gains efficiencies for both processors and mass storage, but can more effectively secure access to these applications by surrounding them with an internal firewall. Other mission-critical activities, such as system backup and disaster recovery (activities monitored in all IS audits), as well as complete 24×7 support, also can be provided.

Mission-critical software applications manage the core business transactions of the University concerning students, courses, finances, human resources, information resources, and facilities. They will run on servers on ITS-supported enterprise operating systems. Applications will be fully integrated, accessible through a single log-in, and supported (where appropriate) with a common database.


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