The purpose of this policy is to provide rules and guidelines for administering a program that compensates UNCG employees for utilizing their personal mobile communication devices/services for state business provided that their duties and responsibilities require mobile communication and/or remote internet access. The advantages of this program include:

  • Employees do not have to carry multiple devices.
  • UNCG does not have to collect monthly payments from the departments.
  • Eliminates monthly audit process by campus departments to ensure all calls that are made on state-provided devices are business-related.


This plan applies to all UNCG EHRA and SHRA employees with full time appointments paid over 12 months. Temporary, part-time, and student employees are not eligible for this plan.


3.1Mobile Communications Service:

any service that is used to make or receive telephone calls or transmit data on the public/private cellular networks.

3.2Mobile Communications Device:

any device that is capable of using the services provided by the public/private cellular networks. These devices range from a simple cell phone to devices with the capability to access the Internet.


4.1Allowance Plan Types

There are two types of MCD Allowance plans with different rates to meet the business purposes:

4.1.1Voice only which would apply to those employees who do not have a significant business need for remote data access.

4.1.2Voice and Data for those employees who do have a significant business need for remote access to data.

4.2Rules and Guidelines

4.2.1The department heads are responsible for oversight and approval of each employee’s request for the allowance within their department.

4.2.2Criteria for authorization of an allowance may include one or more of the following considerations:

  1. Safety requirements dictate that having mobile/remote communication capabilities is an integral part of performing job duties.
  2. Some work is conducted away from the employee’s work station and the employee is required to be contacted on a regular basis.
  3. Employee is on-call outside of normal work hours.
  4. Senior officer or other critical decision maker.
  5. Employee monitors and administers mission critical information systems during non-business hours.
  6. Other special circumstances approved at the department head level.

4.2.3The employee is responsible for procuring and paying for all MCD services and equipment.

4.2.4The employee’s personal mobile communication device records could be subject to the North Carolina public records law.

4.2.5The MCD Allowance rates are reviewed annually and reset as necessary.


Each employee receiving a MCD Allowance must provide to his/her supervisor at least annually, documentation in the form of an annual contract or monthly billing statement. Documents show the allowance does not exceed the expenses the employee actually incurs. The supervisor must keep a copy and certify that he/she has seen proof.


The allowance will be reviewed by the supervisor on an annual basis to ensure that use is appropriate and that each authorized employee still has a need to use a mobile communication device for business purposes.


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