The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all creators, editors, hosts, and producers of podcasts that have a connection to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (the “University,” “UNC Greensboro” or “UNCG”) adhere to brand guidelines and other rules and regulations applicable to those podcasts. 


This policy applies to all faculty, staff, and students who create UNCG Podcasts or are involved in the creation, editing, hosting, and/or production of UNCG Podcasts.   

3.Definitions and Roles and Responsibilities


3.1.1UNCG Podcast

is a podcast that has a connection to UNC Greensboro. UNCG Podcasts are considered official communications of UNC Greensboro. UNCG Podcasts include those where the podcaster’s expertise is related to the University, which refer to the University, and which use photographs of the UNCG work environment. They are distinct from personal podcasts, which are not related in any way to an individual’s connection to UNCG. 

3.1.2Podcast creator (aka Podcaster)

is the host of a podcast. This individual is the lead voice of the podcast and is responsible for the content of the podcast. A Podcaster may also be a podcast producer.  

3.1.3Podcast producers

are individuals who support the podcaster with technical and administrative support for the podcast. 

3.2Roles and Responsibilities

3.2.1University Communications

is responsible for ensuring that all UNCG Podcasts follow UNCG brand guidelines. University Communications is also responsible for reviewing and approving requests for use of a registered UNC Greensboro trademark for UNCG Podcast cover art.  In addition, the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications or designee is responsible for reviewing and approving written agreements for UNCG Podcast sponsorships or advertising. 

3.2.2Faculty Advisors

for student clubs and organizations are responsible for reviewing and approving requests submitted to them by the clubs and organizations they advise for use of a registered UNC Greensboro trademark for UNCG Podcast cover art. Upon review, Faculty Advisors share the request with and serve as the point of contact for University Communications.  

3.2.3Podcast creator (aka Podcaster)

serves as the host of a podcast. This individual is the lead voice of the podcast and is responsible for the content of the podcast.   

3.2.4Podcast producers

are responsible for coordinating talent bookings, editing of the podcast, uploading the podcast to the website host, etc.  



Podcasting is an external communications medium. As an official communication of UNC Greensboro, UNCG Podcasts shall follow UNCG brand guidelines in order to differentiate them from others.  The guidelines and this policy must be followed in order to avoid the appearance of the University endorsing or supporting personal information and views. 

4.1.1Podcast Cover Art

An effective, branded visual is vital to connecting an official podcast to UNC Greensboro. UNCG Podcasts shall use University fonts, colors, and logos as found on uc.uncg.edu. Cover art shall communicate the topic of the UNCG Podcast and contain University branding to help the end user differentiate the podcast from others. Cover art can include imagery of campus landscapes and facilities. At no point may a student club or organization use a registered trademark of UNC Greensboro within the cover art of the UNCG Podcast without securing permission to do so from their faculty advisor and University Communications. 

4.1.2Podcast About or Bio Section

A sentence in the UNCG Podcast bio or about section must include a statement explaining the podcast’s connection to UNC Greensboro. The information to be included is “[Podcast name], an official podcast of UNC Greensboro.” This information/byline can also have the school/college, department, or division name using an “and” statement. Following this statement, the podcast account user(s) can explain the podcast topics, host, guest, or other pertinent information.  

For example, “Innovation in Education is an official podcast of UNC Greensboro and the School of Education.” 

4.1.3Audio Branding

Audio is the primary delivery method for podcasts. Therefore, during every episode, UNCG Podcasts shall include a verbal recognition of their connection to UNC Greensboro. For brand reinforcement, the statement shall be delivered following the podcast’s name at the beginning and at the end of each podcast episode. The verbal recognition shall include: “[Podcast name], an official podcast of UNC Greensboro.” This information/byline can also have the school/college, department, or division name using an “and” statement. 

For example, “Innovation in Education is an official podcast of UNC Greensboro and the School of Education.” 

4.2Photo Releases

In accordance with University practice, podcasters shall secure a University photo release from UNCG Podcast on-air guests. The University photo release covers audio, video and likeness as well as still photography. The podcaster shall secure and retain the release in their records in accordance with the UNCG Photo Release Process and the University of North Carolina records retention schedule. Podcasters may obtain a copy of the template photo release by visiting uc.uncg.edu.  

4.3Sponsorships or Advertising/Product Placements

In accordance with existing University policy regarding advertising and sponsorships, podcasters can have sponsors or advertising of product placements to support the UNCG Podcast. Sponsorship and/or advertising/product placements may not comprise more than 10 percent of UNCG Podcast airtime and written agreements for sponsorships or advertising must be approved in advance by the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications or designee, in consultation with the Vice Chancellor for Advancement, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, and the Office of Institutional Integrity and General Counsel, as necessary. 

When a sponsor or advertiser supports a UNCG Podcast, proper disclosure of the relationship is required through audio statement. The disclosure statement must include the name of the sponsor/advertising company, service, or product to clearly communicate the relationship to the audience. 

For example, “Innovation in Education, an official podcast of UNC Greensboro and the School of Education, is sponsored by Listen and Learn Teaching Technologies.” 


UNCG Podcasts must be accessible and adhere to both the UNCG’s Information Technology Accessibility Policy, and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. To be in compliance, podcasters must provide the following for each episode: 

  • Accessible hosting website/webpage 
  • Accessible media player 
  • Transcript 
  • Captions (for vodcasts, where a video element is included in the podcast) 

See the Accessible Podcasts page for more information on how to create accessible podcasts and the University’s web accessibility support pages for more information.

4.5Disclosure of Views and Opinions

UNCG Podcasts must include the following statement, either in the podcast’s “About” section or orally in each episode: “The views and opinions expressed in this podcast by the hosts and guests do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of UNC Greensboro.” 

4.6Disclosure of Relationships

The relationships of host(s) and guest(s) with the University must be disclosed in the UNCG Podcast’s verbal conversation and/or episode description. This disclosure can be as simple as stating that the host(s) and guest(s) are UNC Greensboro employees. 

For example, the guest or host could include the following information as part of an introduction, “Full name, title/position, the college/department/division name, and lastly ‘at UNC Greensboro.’

4.7Copyright Laws

Podcast creators and producers must ensure that all necessary rights, licenses, and permissions have been obtained for the material included in the UNCG Podcast, including audio or visual clips, documents, and other externally created sources. Copyright laws protect a creator’s original work once it is written down or recorded, or otherwise captured in a permanent medium. However, work that is in the public domain or Creative Commons does not require permission of the original author or copyright owner. 

Any pre-recorded audio such as sound-effects or music used must also be licensed, used with explicit written permission from the original creator, or available in the public domain. In instances where public domain or Creative Commons licensed materials are used, podcasters must credit the creator as required by the material. 

4.8Content Lifecycle

University websites will display UNCG Podcasts and will link to the podcast hosting service website. Creators of UNCG Podcasts must follow either the hosting service’s archive rules or the University’s Web Content Lifecycle procedure, whichever is most restrictive.  

5.Compliance and Enforcement

The Chancellor is responsible for enforcing this policy and may delegate this further to the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications. 

Any violation of this policy by a University student is subject to the Student Code of Conduct in the Student Policy Handbook. For employees, violation of this policy will be subject to consideration as “misconduct” under EHRA policies (faculty and EHRA non-faculty) or “unacceptable personal conduct” under SHRA policies, including any appeal rights stated therein. 

If violation of the policy also results in a violation of law, the violation may also be referred for criminal or civil prosecution. 

6.Additional Information

6.4Approval Authority

The Chancellor approved this policy on December 11, 2023.

6.5Contacts for Additional Information and Resporting

  • Responsible Executive: Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications, 336.334.4314 
  • Responsible Administrator: University Communications Director of Strategic Operations
  • Other Contacts: University Communications,  [email protected] 

- Podcast policy. Retrieved 06/24/2024. Official version at https://policy.uncg.edu/university_policies/podcast-policy/. Copyright © 2024 The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.