The purpose of this policy is to provide basic information on University travel. These policies are based on The State Budget Manual, Section 5, which sets forth travel policies and regulations relative to securing authorization and reimbursement of expenditures for official state travel. The administration and control of travel is in accordance with the provisions of General Statutes (G.S.) 138-5, 138-6, and 138-7.


This policy applies to all University of North Carolina at Greensboro faculty, staff, students and other individuals who travel on behalf of the university. These policies apply to State Budgeted Funds deposited with the State Treasurer, whether derived from appropriations or agency receipt; Institutional Trust Funds; and Contracts and Grants.


Allowable travel expenses will be reimbursed to authorized University personnel and other individuals traveling on official state business. All travel is contingent upon availability of funds.

3.1Official State Business

Official state business occurs when the State employee or other person is traveling to attend approved job related training, work on behalf of, officially represent, or provide a state service upon the State’s or University’s request. Travel that does not directly benefit the State and the University will not be reimbursable.

3.2Responsibility of Traveler

Before traveling the individual must read, understand and abide by the Travel Manual, as may be updated from time to time by Accounts Payable, and set forth by The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Prior approval authorization for overnight travel is delegated to the traveler’s supervisor. Travelers must complete the Travel Authorization portion of the TRV-1 form prior to overnight travel. A traveler conducting official state business is expected to exercise the same care in incurring expenses that a prudent person would exercise if traveling on personal business and expending personal funds. Excess costs, delays, luxury accommodations and services unnecessary or unjustified in the performance of official state business are not acceptable under this standard. Travelers will be responsible for unauthorized costs and any additional expenses incurred for personal preference or convenience.

3.3Responsibility of Traveler’s Supervisor

Approval authorization for travel is delegated to the traveler’s supervisor. This individual’s approval indicates that appropriate review of the cash advance/reimbursement has been made, and the travel conforms to all rules and regulations and is properly supported with valid documentation and receipts.

4.Compliance and Enforcement

The Office of the Controller within the UNCG Division of Finance and Administration will enforce and administer this policy in accordance with the N. C. General Statutes and the State Budget Manual as it relates to travel policies and regulations.

6.Contacts for Additional Information and Reporting

  • University Controller, 336-334-5741


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