The University Calendar is the official schedule including periods of instruction, registration, instructional and other holidays, and deadlines. It is prepared by the Registrar with the advice of the Calendar and Scheduling Committee of the Faculty Senate. Information is also sought/provided by appropriate University offices.
The document shall consist of an approved schedule for the upcoming academic year and a draft schedule for the subsequent two academic years to provide a three-year plan. After review, as noted below, the University Calendar for the next academic year is approved by the Chancellor. The subsequent two-years will be considered “tentative” for planning purposes.

University holidays for employees are recommended by the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs based on approved State holidays adjusted appropriately for the University setting. Tentative holidays shall be included in the University Calendar.

The following schedule pertains to the development of the University Calendar:


  • Draft prepared by Registrar and Calendar and Scheduling Committee
  • Review by directly affected departments, e.g., Residence Life, Dining Services, Orientation, Elliott University Center, Information Technology Services, Cashier, etc. with comments and suggestions returned to Calendar and Scheduling Committee
  • Review by Provost’s Council and Chancellor’s Cabinet with comments and suggestions returned to Calendar and Scheduling Committee


  • Review by Faculty Senate (information item)
  • Approval by Chancellor
  • Distribution


Revision Date Revision Summary
11/01/1989 Adopted
01/01/1994 Revised
01/01/1994 Revised
04/06/2022 Reviewed with Liaison, and determined substantive edits not required at this time.

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